Community Contributions to Materials Project

MPContribs is a platform that enables materials researchers to contribute experimental and theoretical materials data to Materials Project (MP). Data on MPContribs is collectively maintained as annotations to existing MP materials and automatically exposed to over 190,000 MP users. MPContribs disseminates contributions as preview cards on MP's materials details pages, in the form of interactive landing pages on its portals, and programmatically through a python client for its APIs.

The table below lists the various MPContribs portals currently available. When you consider contributing your data to MP, please pick the portal that best aligns with it.

MPContribs Datasets that don't fall under the purview of the other portals.
MPContribsML Benchmark datasets for Machine Learning.
MPContribsLS Datasets from beam lines at X-Ray light sources (NSLS-II, ALS, etc.).
MPContribsWS Refractive index data uploaded during MP's workshop.